• Kenzie Wakefield

    Why do you teach yoga?

    On some days, yoga can be a deep dive into the soul; giving space to glimpse our
    perceptions, underlying motives, imbalances and fictitious realities. On all days
    however, yoga is the platform on which we calm the mind, deepen the breath, find
    patience in the present moment and move into contentment. In this way, yoga
    becomes how you approach challenges, interact with your community, and relate to

    What can we expext from your class?
    In my classes you will find; pranayama, mantra, as well as creative and functional
    movement to explore our bodies capacities, build strength, stability and integrity of
    I hope to see you on the mat.

  • Ashley Pungente

    Why do you teach yoga?

    Yoga has brought me many gifts and I am so grateful to share this practice. I love to teach because it is when I feel most present. It doesn’t matter what is going on in my day or in my life, when I am teaching I am fully present – in my body, my breath, the room and with community.

    What can students expect from a yoga class with you?

    My teaching is informed by a BSc in Psychology and my classes explore the intersections of psychology and physiology through movement. My intention is to hold the space for you to deepen the connection between mind, body and spirit. Whether an active or passive practice, you can expect to bring the awareness to the breath and to the sensations of movement.

    “We don’t use the body to get into the pose, we use the pose to get into the body.” – Bernie Clark

  • Sarah Kinsley

    Why do you teach Yoga?
    Few things in this life bring me as much joy as sharing Yoga with others-those who are stepping on to the mat for the first time and others who have been practicing for decades.

    Yoga is a true refuge.

    A way to come home through movement and breath and stillness.  Coming together to practice as a community is very heart nourishing and grounding.  It is an honour and a privilege to pass on these teachings of Yoga and meditation.  I am very fortunate to learn from many amazing teachers and students over the years and am excited for Yoga at Hemma to be part of my Seva (Sanskrit: service).

    What can students expect from a Yoga class with you?
    The most important thing for me while facilitating Yoga is for students to feel safe physically and emotionally.  It is my role to create a safe, nourishing container where each student can explore their inner world and connect to the three centres in the belly, the heart and the head.

    A gentle practice of asanas, pranayama and meditations students will leave students feeling more grounded and alive.  My hope is students would leave class with a greater sense of awareness of their current state of being and with tools to practice while at home.

  • Michael Hall

    Why do you teach Yoga? I began the practice of hatha yoga in 1992 in a small town in Maine. At that time there might have been one studio in the entire State. My long time friend and teacher, David Walker, was teaching the class — he is still is. I went to that first class because I wanted to increase my flexibility. As I began I was immediately drawn to yoga, a practice that so beautifully combined the physical with the emotional and the spiritual. I found my flexibility but I also found my way back to a spiritual practice, something I had long since abandoned during my teen years. I was so moved by the experience that two years later I found myself in a yoga therapy training and a year later standing in front of a room full of eager students. I taught yoga from then until about 2008 — taking a break to build hemma and create the first community acupuncture clinic in Canada. I believe that hatha yoga is a fundamental way to cultivate awareness and connection with the Self. The body can teach us much about the desires and needs of the Soul. With thoughtful practice yoga is a way to learn, discern, and heal, helping us navigate this journey we call life. Over the years I have been strongly inspired by many teachers including: David Walker, Yogi Amrit Desai (founder of Kripalu yoga), Karen Haskarl (lead instructor for Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy), Erich Schiffmann, Tom Stiles, and Vanda Scaravelli, to name a few. What can students expect from your classes? My classes encourage the development of self awareness. I believe that the fundamental purpose of practice is to teach you how to listen and respond to your own bodies needs and desires. I’ll help you develop this connection through mindful practice that incorporates breath, movement, strength, focus, and fun! 

  • Kelly Yaskiw
    Why do you teach Yoga? I teach Yoga to support you in feeling healthy and whole. I feel that the body has an amazing ability to heal itself when given the chance to release tension. In our busy lifestyles, many of us need more opportunities to truly and deeply relax and I’m honoured to hold space for you to unwind. Yoga has been a pillar in my life for 15 years and I have tasted too much of these teachings to keep for myself! My gratitude for these practices fuels my passion to share. What can students expect from your classes? You can expect to feel welcomed, grounded, relaxed, and accepted. My classes have a holistic approach to integrate body, breath, mind, and emotions. Students are encouraged to cultivate awareness and observe the effects of the practices within the body and mind. My classes include asana (for body), pranayama (for breath), and a meditative aspect (for mind). I look forward to welcoming you into this space!
  • Cedar Sorensen

    About Cedar

    Yoga has been an important part of my life for over 30 years, and my respect and awe for this ancient practice and wisdom tradition continues to deepen.  Through yoga, I've found a discipline that provides a path back to myself, access to a source of inner knowing and inspiration, and a practice to develop greater compassion toward myself and others. The physical practice is key for releasing tension, stress, and "dis-ease", and gaining balance, strength & ease in body, mind & spirit. 

    A practice like yoga is so crucial in these times.  Our attention is constantly being drawn outward, so that we've become alienated from our own bodies and disconnected from our inner wisdom.  Yoga can help us develop appreciation for the wonder & beauty already present within and around us, as well as greater kindness, humility and the ability to listen.  

    My passion and joy is to help foster this deeper connection, and to share the great benefits of yoga with others.


    What can students expect from your classes?

    In asana practice, proper alignment is important, as is attentiveness to our inner alignment.  You will be encouraged to approach your practice with non-judgmental openness & curiosity, loving acceptance, and respect for the conditions of the moment.  Breath awareness and mindfulness of sensation in the body throughout our practice, whether a gentle restorative class, or a more active flow class, ensures that we practice safely and will reap the many physical, mental & emotional benefits.  In class I often offer inspiration through readings, poetry or specific themes, yet leave space for you to be with your own experience.  My role as a teacher is to facilitate your journey back to yourSelf.

    I hope to see you soon!


  • Christa Martel
    Why do you teach yoga?
    A good yoga class has a way of making you feel like you’ve come home to yourself. As a teacher and a practitioner I am very drawn to how exploring through the body gives us insight and can be a catalyst for empowerment and change, and I strive to provide support for that in each class I am a part of. Relaxation and laughter are another reason I teach, moving through series of shapes and allowing the body to be awkward and real is so good for our health. 
    What can students expect from your classes?
    ‘Educare' is the root word for education, and it means ‘to draw out that which is already within’. I believe yoga allows us a rare opportunity to get back in touch not only with our bodies, but to redevelop and draw out our intuition. Curiosities around the impact of our use of language, stretching and exploring emotion through the body, remembering that you are both whole and a piece of something much larger - these are all things that might come up in one of my classes. Each class is an opportunity to direct and create space for yourself, and as a teacher my role is to hold the container and offer guidance and support when you need it. I encourage laughter and value vulnerability, and I strive to make the space safe for both. Relaxation is woven into a gentle hatha practice, I hope to see you there soon.  
  • Jenafor Ryane
    Why do you teach Yoga? I believe whole-heartedly in the transformative power of yoga, and that is why I teach. Yoga has had a profoundly positive impact in my life. Through my personal practice, I have found myself more connected to myself and other beings, filled with compassion and ease, and deeply inspired by this curious thing we call life! It is my joy and great privilege to share this beautiful path with you! What can students expect from your classes? We come to our mats to meet ourselves, to meet the present moment, to open our lives to acceptance and grace. My role is to hold the space for you to uncover, discover, and practice presence of body, mind, and spirit through conscious breathing and fluid movement. In life, we are too often taught to live by the adage “no pain, no gain”. In yoga, we learn to live by the principle, “no pain, no pain”. Therefore, I will always encourage you to start where you are and to listen intently to your inner teacher. I will offer clear instruction, alignment principles, encouragement, and joy. I look forward to meeting you on the mat!
  • Jonathan Boyd
    To be a teacher is to serve, uplift, and empower others to their potential. My classes are not vigorous, but not gentle. They feature a buzzing community that ranges from total beginners to seasoned teachers (and even my parents!). I offer specific verbal alignment instructions, progressive postural stages, heart-centered themes, and a laugh or two. See you on the mat.
  • Meagan Welch

    Why do you teach yoga?

    Inspiring other people is what lights me up the most. Through my work, I intend to help others to safely take accountability of their own healing, and to help them to better navigate the ups and downs along their journey. A devotion to yoga has allowed me to live a fuller life than I had ever imagined. Sharing this with others has been one of the most fulfilling experiences and exchanges in my life, and has led me to investigate my own health from a holistic perspective. My curiosity of the integrative benefits of yoga eventually led me to a career in alternative medicine. I have a deeply rooted connection to the natural world and believe that by aligning ourselves with the organic rhythms of the earth and of our environment we can re-awaken an innate inner wisdom to be well, that which lies deep within us all.

    I am a certified and insured Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga instructor with over 400 hours in trainings. I have been teaching these styles of yoga plus meditation and yoga nidra in Victoria, BC since 2011. My teaching journey began after having completed my first foundational teacher training with Natalie-Rousseau at Pacific Elements Yoga in 2011, and has led me down a deep path of self inquiry, allowing me a greater understanding of how to take care of my own body, mind & heart in the most supportive way.

    What can students expect from your classes?

    I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and nutrition at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, and graduated with a diploma of Acupuncture June 2018, and am currently working towards becoming a registered Acupuncturist. I find great joy in weaving TCM philosophies and wisdom into my offerings as a yoga teacher and I plan to join TCM practices with nutrition and my established skills as a yoga and meditation instructor to help facilitate healing in those who find their way to me.

    I teach various styles of yoga but the theme in which I teach is consistent. We move from the heart, with an emphasize on breath and alignment. In my classes we work to create space and awareness on our holdings to stress in the body, mind and heart in a sometimes challenging, but always playful practice. I encourage students to explore their physical, mental and emotional boundaries safely. I believe that it is by learning to fully trust in ourselves and connecting to our body's instinctive healing power that we can let go and begin to heal deeply. I intend to continually refine my skills and carry this resonance with me out of the yoga studio and into my Acupuncture practice.

  • Nyk Danu

    Why do you teach Yoga?

    I became a Yoga teacher to change the world! My Yoga practice has made me stronger and more flexible (I didn’t start off that way). Yoga has helped me heal old neck and back pain. My practice has helped me become more patient, content and loving. It has given me a safe place to recharge and heal.

    My deepest wish for our practice together is that you receive the tools and the time you need to feel better physically become healthier, and more relaxed. And that in turn will affect your loved ones and communities, so that others benefit from our practice together as well. I hope to create more peace in the world one student at a time.

    What can students expect from your classes?

    In my classes you can expect inclusivity, accessibility, and fun (you might even laugh in my classes). A personalized practice to fit your needs that day. I focus on relieving neck and back pain and increased flexibility. My classes are a community focused, nurturing space to relax and heal, an opportunity to learn the skills you need for self care. I truly believe you can’t pour from and empty cup and it’s my mission to help you fill your  cup.

  • Tina Lyons

    Why do you teach yoga?

    I took my first yoga teacher training in Picton, Ontario in 2009 and I was immediately drawn to the effect of getting out of my head and into my body. I loved the physical aspect of yoga and it wasn’t until years later and many injuries later that the spiritual side followed. My second teacher training in Portland, Maine in 2015 was a true awakening and a revolution for my teaching. I had been teaching for 6 years and this second training with Todd Norian brought my practice to the next level. At the essence of yoga lies heart, breath and grace. Having been in the spa world since 1997 allowed me to study the body and it’s subtle energy. Teaching yoga allows me to answer the hearts true calling and to hold space for others as they do the same.

    What can students expect from your classes?

    You can expect connection - Sangha. An inner exploration. Accepting yourself as you are, learning that there is no perfect yoga pose, instead there is YOUR pose. Quite often I will teach the yoga of being and not doing. Have I mentioned the breath? Pranayama is the key and the foundation to every yoga pose. And last but not least - let’s have some fun. We take ourselves way too seriously sometimes. 

  • Jonni-Lyn Friel

    Yoga has been in my life for as long as I can remember. For me, yoga is sacred,healing and powerful. This is how it has personally affected my life and my spirit. Whenever I have needed clarity, insight or support, my practice has provided them, without fail. It is my honor to teach. To share what I have learned and practiced from my teachers is a way for me to share what I know and what has helped me. Seva, or service, has always been a big part of yoga and my practice and teaching is a way for me to practice being of service to others.

    In my class you can expect to have fun. Joy is a part of life and a part of my classes! You will work hard, learn, breathe, chant, and connect with your body and your community. I tell stories, encourage you to find your boundaries and think about what it is find meaningful. My teacher says it best: We are all reflections of the sun, separately shining our own light but collectively part of something bigger than ourselves.

  • Dalia Yanai

    Why do you teach Yoga?

    I came into Yoga and Ayurveda around the same time, soon after spending a year in India in 1997. My Yoga practice and my teaching is inseparable from my Ayurvedic knowledge. I have been teaching Yoga since 2005, because I find it to be a powerful and accessible tool of transformation. I'm continuously fascinated by the connection between the different aspects of human life, and I find the path of Yoga to be a great instrument of union and balance. And of course - I teach it because I most need to learn it... and because I love it so much.

    What can students expect from your classes?

    In my classes you can expect to be met where you are. I don't believe in pushing hard, but rather gently stretching into our boundaries. You may be challenged - but never in an aggressive way. I love a slow and contemplative practice. You can expect some focus on alignment with lots of room for variations and modifications. I love using props. And I always leave room for silence in my classes. I look forward to seeing you in the studio!

    You can find out more about Dalia on her website.

  • Janet Wallden

    Why do you teach Yoga?

    I feel I was born into becoming a Yoga teacher. My mother has been practising yoga since well before I was born. We now walk together on the Buddhist path.
    I have been an avid student of Yoga since the early 90s. I have been sharing the teachings of Yoga and Pilates since 1999.

    The left elbow edges to move out a touch.
    The left outer hip naturally rotates in on an exhales release.
    Both legs aim to extend up to the big high skies.
    As I whole heartedly encourage, go into it with integrity, excitement, passion and curiosity. I am still, I quietly watch In serene joy, the sinking in, the settling in.
    After class, the smile of acknowledgment of Bharata: shining soul, awareness shared between student and teacher.
    ~~~~ this is why I teach Yoga


    What can students expect from a Yoga class with you?

    I lead a poetic, articulate and intelligently sequenced Asana practice.
    With my extensive trainings and in depth studies in Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Mat Pilates and Vijnana Yoga, I instruct classes with a keen attention to anatomical alignment, prideful posture, and ease from core preparation foundation work.
    From my experience, an alignment based practice not only clears the mind, but helps us to practice refining our attention, intention, and actions in our daily life.
    I sometimes play beautiful music, love experimenting with props and walls, and....hope to encourage you to let go of whatever may not be serving you as you enter the doors.

  • Susie Burke

    Why do I teach yoga:

    I started my yoga studies at Ashtanga, Hatha, and Vinyasa schools in Toronto in 2006. As a former ballet dancer, I was drawn to the fluid movement, the meditative breath-body connection. But it also presented me with a powerful physical practice where I encountered myself and my stories of limited self-belief, but with non-violence, non-judgement, and contentment. Ten years later, the thought struck me as to how extraordinarily creative yoga classes can be, and I saw in my mind's eye endless possibilities to create, with the body as the artistic medium, for the benefit of an expansive, joyful, healing mind.

    What can students expect from your classes:

    I approach my yoga practice as a moment to connect with divine self, and I find expression of this through meditative, dance-like movement, intuitive but creative flows through poses that build strength while opening the body. We will start with brief meditation and breath work, before moving into a series of sequences and vinyasa flows that stretch, twist, and tone, always compassionately bringing our awareness to our breath and mindfulness to how we inhabit our poses. We will close in final resting pose with an extended body scan. Classes may also touch on philosophy, and aim to use inclusive and sensitive language.